If one day your bookmaker offers you a betting credit with which to gamble, you should think very well should you take it or not. At first glance, this proposal looks great, but it can put you in some serious trouble if you lost the control over the situation.

The practice a betting company to offer loans to selected players which to enable them to bet is used by many companies. Of course, with very clear terms and conditions and with small amounts, but there are exceptions.

Just a note here, the betting credit should not be confused with the betting bonuses the bookmakers offer to their clients. They are two different things. When you take the bonus you are not obliged to return the money, but simply to play them out, while if you take a betting loan you have to return every penny you’ve got.

Here comes the main problem with betting loans which is in the ease with which they are received which brings the false sense of money you have available and you can risk by betting.

Indeed, almost all proposals for betting loans are for relatively small amounts, but there are cases where a player get offers for 30 000 pounds. This is precisely the case of a player from England, who once offered such credit within a few years lost all money. Currently he is on court which should decide must he return the whole amount or not.

In general, you should avoid taking betting or other loans for gambling. One of my favorite rules when betting on football matches is to play with money I have earned from the bookmaker. This does not imply quick profits from betting, but if a system is profitable, it will be profitable today and after an year. This gives you the security that you will not lose money when betting and find yourself in similar situation like this player from England.


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