Statistics play an important role, when a sports bettor works on a betting system. This is also true when betting on tennis.

In football, a betting system may take into account statistical data of the teams, as in scorelines, wins, defeats, goals, and results on home and away games.

Similarly, a tennis betting system must conclude on the characteristics and performance of the tennis players we are interested in. This information will act as input data for studying our system.

Let us discuss 3 important tennis stats, which could help us predict more efficiently the outcome of tennis games.
1. Aces

The frequency in which a tennis player achieves an ace, in comparison to another player, might affect the outcome of the game. In tennis, a major advantage has often the athlete who serves.

Therefore, if a tennis player is very good at serving the ball, we can understand that their advantage increases. Thus, an important statistical parameter that could indicate if a tennis player has a significant lead over the rival player, is their frequency of aces during a game.
2. Breaks

The frequency in which a tennis player breaks the opponent’s serve is another important statistical factor. It is exactly the opposite of the previous situation, while it can help us to have a more accurate approach, evaluating the two competing tennis athletes.

A tennis player who scores fewer aces but handles more breaks might somehow balance the difference.

However, if a tennis player is not so good either on aces or on breaks, the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of the opponent, who will not only win more of the balls when serving, but also can deal with several of the opponent’s.
3. Unforced errors

Some missed hits in tennis could end up with a point in favor of the opponent. For example, when the ball goes out of the bounds or hits at the net. The more unforced errors recorded on average by a tennis player in every match, the easier rival will be for the opponent, since there is no need for elaborate tactics to win a point.

If we are talking about the top tennis players in the world ranking, this statistic probably will not make any difference, since all high level players already improved this factor. However, going down the list of professional tennis players, it could be valuable information in predicting the outcome of a tennis game.
Secondary tennis stats we should include in a tennis betting system

These are the most important tennis stats, relevant to the performance of the tennis players competing, which we should take under consideration when implementing our tennis betting system. Yet, attention must also be paid to the strength and speed of the athletes, as a strong stoke would require an immediate reaction by the opponent.

Some additional and equally important parameters that need to be considered refer to the playing strategy: if, for example, a tennis player usually approaches the net or not, and whether their favorite stroke is forehand or backhand, in direct relation to the distinction of players to left-handers and right-handers.

If the above data are entered into our betting system, we have put the necessary foundations for a profitable betting system in tennis.


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